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School information

Admission Policy for Mayfair Convent School

Application Forms

Please download the application form below and you will be required to hand deliver the completed form to the secretary in person.

Emailed forms will not be accepted.


Admission Policy

1. Mayfair Convent School will not discriminate against any pupil who can benefit from our school.
2. All teachers are expected to maintain a professional attitude and to have an appropriate teaching qualification.
  In response all pupils are expected to obey the school rules and parents are required to pay the school fees.
3. All pupils, regardless of religious beliefs, are expected to take part in lessons based on Christian doctrine and to attend monthly and feast day masses.
4. Pupils admitted must be of the required age for that particular Grade.
NB a) Grade 0 - pupils are to turn 6 years of age preferably before June of the year of admission.
  b) Grade 1 - pupils are to turn 7 years of age preferably before June of the year of admission.
5. Language of Learning and teaching is English, therefore parents need to be made aware of this.

Please note - Grade 1 parents, if your child has not had the minimum of 1 year at a suitable nursery school or pre-primary school, they will automatically be put into Grade 0.

Language Policy

Three Languages will be offered to learners at Mayfair Convent School. English is the medium of instruction and therefore accepted as the First Language. Afrikaans will be Second Language and Zulu the Third Language.
Every effort will be made to help learners understand the medium of instruction and communication.

2016 School Fee Prices

Stationery 2016
Gr.0 - R800.00
Gr.1 - R1 500.00
Gr.2 - R1 700.00
Gr.3 - R1 700.00

Gr. 0
R14, 000.00 School Fees + R 1,000 Educational Development Fund
Total = R15, 000

Gr. 1 to 7
R13, 000.00 School Fees + R 1,000 Educational Development Fund
Total = R14, 000

5% discount is given if annual fees are paid in full before 28 February 2016.
In an effort to keep fees low, we are unable to offer a higher discount this year. Therefore the discount is:

Gr. 0: R700.00            School Fees= R13, 300.00
Gr. 1 to 7: R650.00    School Fees= R12, 350.00